An Independent Global Forum 

Global Biosecurity Forum is an independent global forum made up of stakeholders across science, governments, the private sector and civil society - bringing together all experts adversely affected by unpreparedness. Using this cross-sector approach, the forum has strong convening powers for promoting collective action on biosecurity.


Global Biosecurity Forum is a new initiative and the size and number of events reflect that it is the first year of operations. As we obtain more members and partners and increase our reach, events will be adjusted accordingly.

Thought leaders and partners will be announced soon as we expand our reach.

For the first year of operation, we expect the following activities to be carried out:

  • A digital platform with a think tank format that lays the foundation for convening and engaging stakeholders on an ongoing basis

  • A thought leadership series that sparks cross-sector dialogues to address complex issues and create social impact

  • A webinar series with experts from various disciplines to broaden knowledge about opportunities and challenges

  • An annual live event to be inaugurated in Copenhagen in 2021

We envision next steps to include other more impactful activities such as coalition building with cross-sector stakeholders and e-learning programmes.


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