As proven by COVID-19, creating a bio-secure future with the tools and knowledge to fight future pandemics before they become disruptive requires increased collaboration across sectors. Global Biosecurity Forum is looking for interested partners that want to engage in creating these conditions. 

Looking to engage?

A biosecure future involves transitioning from a post-emergence responsive approach to a more controlled and proactive approach, for a number of reasons: 

The implications of not acting preventively are discouraging, and the entire world is currently experiencing them. The good news is that avoiding the current scenario repeating itself in the future is easier than fixing it once it has already happened. 

For this reason, we are looking for partners that: 

We are open to welcoming a wide range of partners. We foresee this initiative to have relevance for foundations, private sector companies, government bodies, international organisations, and NGO's, but are open to propositions from any organisation with interest in joining our initiative. Hence, we welcome actors interested in, but not limited to, contributing financially, seeking channels to engage with stakeholders as well as content providers.

Together, we can better prepare for future pandemic outbreaks by enabling cooperation amongst governments, providing scientific expertise to back up policy-making decisions, facilitating the prediction and monitoring of disease outbreaks, evaluating the economic impact of such outbreaks, and setting targets and commitments to ensure benefits to the society and the environment.

Let us work together towards reaching a safer future, where being unprepared is not an option.